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  • Touring Cars (DTM)
  • Sports/GT

  • Endurance - including lights
  • Classic Porsche 911/834 Ninco Only
  • Club cars - Various
  • SuperSports - Any closed wheeled car, any manufacturer
  • All Sorts - A mix of all classes - everyone gets a chance to win!

Basic rules for all classes:

All cars must be as supplied new in the box without any modifications unless specified in the rules. Motors, axles etc may be glued with a minimum amount of adhesive, so as not to add any weight.

Tyres may be sanded down but must fit on the rims. Front tyres are a free choice except for SCX 4-wheel drive rally cars where the front and rear tyres should be the same. No tyre treatments are permitted except for cleaning. Any tyre with any coating or sticky properties will be declared illegal.

The standard traction magnets are permitted in all classes except for Formula 1 (see above).

Help and guidence available but I cannot carry out any required modifications on the night so if you want me to do something to a car, please bring it at least the week before!