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I have often been asked what the Sports/GT handicap event is all about and there have been some interesting assumptions!

Handicaps are common in golf and horse racing, it's a method of levelling the competitors so that in theory, if they perform to their normal standards, they should all finish at the same time or with the same score thus making it a closer race or competition.

Our handicap event is no different. Each competitor is given a handicap time per lap and so each time they complete a lap, the actual time is their lap time +/- their handicap time.

Driver  Handicap  Race Laps  Race time  With Handicap
Saul        +2           10        2 m 10.5s    1m 50.5s
Tom          0           10        2m 05.1 s    2m 05.1s
Rishi        -2            10        1 m 55.4     2m 15.4s
Alex         +4           10       3m 00 s       2m 20s

In the above table, in the actual race, Rishi was 1st, Tom 2nd, Saul 3rd and Alex 4th but after the handicaps were applied the order was as shown.

The secret to doing well for people with higher handicaps (+2, +3, +4 etc.) is not to race to try and beat the people with low handicaps (0, -1, -2 etc) but to stay on the track and keep within a certain time of them.
If you have a +2 handicap and another person in the race has a -2 handicap, you have 4 seconds advantage per lap!