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Pit Slot Racing

We run open sessions every Monday evening between 6.30-8.30 p.m. for parents and their children! Children must be at least 7 to race which is different from our party requirement. You do not need to book **

** Please check "What's On" every week in case a session needs to be cancelled due to other commitments. Where possible, cover will be arranged.

Session Information: (Costs, times etc)

You do not need to bring any cars - no booking, please don't call to ask, just turn up!

** You do not need to be a member to race. **

The session only costs £5 for each person, adult or child!

Because this is a popular session, we do not permit groups of more than 4 people and if you want to bring 1 or 2 more, you should contact us in advance.

You should arrive no later than 20 minutes after the start time or you may not be able to race as we cannot add additional drivers once the race program is running. If you are just coming to view, you may arrive any time during the session. If racing, you should expect to be there to the end of the session to complete 8 races.

Please do not arrive too early as there is no access until 6.30 p.m.

We race a number of different categories and provide both cars and controllers for every session if required at no extra cost. You are welcome to use your own cars so long as they match the type of car that is racing on that evening and the car has not been modified in any way. There is always time to have a practice first so you may try any cars you like - including those old cars that Dad or Grandad has in the loft!

Adults will only be permitted to race if their children are also racing unless we have a special event or it's arranged in advance. For adults to attend without children, you must be known to us or have a recent CRB certificate.

Membership and session prices:

The benefits to membership are as follows:

1. You will receive a £2.50 discount for each holiday club that you attend

2. You are eligible to win the end of year trophies

3. You may pay in advance for a month and save £1 per week

4. Family discounts available for members.

The pricing will work as follows for 2016:

Memberships: The membership remains at £10 but there is a maximum of £20 per family so if you bring 2 or more children with a parent it will be classed as a "family" membership.

Weekly fees:

Members:£5 for first child, £4 for the adults and then £3 for siblings.

If you pay in advance at the first session and for the whole month, you will get a £1 per week discount so a 5-week month will cost £20 instead of £25.

Non-members/Guests £6 per person for adults and children

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