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We are able to run events at most times day or evening to meet your requirements. Why not bring a group of friends or your staff members for an afternoon or evening's entertainment? Please see the photos below with some of our regular customers. Age is no barrier either as you will see! You could even hold a monthly team meeting at our venue with racing to follow. We can supply refreshments on request.

1-Hour Slot - * NEW for small groups up to 10, no food break, all racing!

2-Hour Slot - for up to 15 people

2.5-hour slot - for up to 20 people

3-hour slot - for up to 24 people for individual racing

3-hour slot - for up to 32 people, racing in teams!

You will see a different side to your friends and colleagues when they start racing!

  • Race in teams or as individuals
  • A trophy for the winner and plaques for second and third
  • Plaques for members of the winning team for team racing
  • Full race commentary
  • All cars and controllers supplied
  • Special pricing deals for local pizza outlets
  • Bring along your own alcohol if required
  • Discounted cars & sets available as prizes or for gifts