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Q: Why are the numbers limited for various parties?

A: We use a format for racing that ensures every person races once on each track and 15 races is the maximum we can fit in for a 2-hour party and 20 for 2.5-hours and so on.

Q: Why can't we access the venue until 5-minutes before our event?

A: We run parties all day with 30 minute gaps between the end of the party and the start of the next so we need to allow time for the party guests and hosts to depart, time to clean and of course time to fix any cars that need attention.

Our team member also requires a short break in-between!

Q: Where can we park?

A: There are up to 2 spaces on our drive in front of the premises which are left for the party hosts to use. If your party is after 6.30 p.m. or on a Sunday, you may park in the street subject to normal regulations. At weekends, your party guests may use the small car park on the corner near our premises if it's not locked and they don't clamp and they don't normally use it at weekends.